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This publication entitled Rules and Regulations of the KCWA sets forth the duties and obligations of Kent County Water Authority to its customers and the duties and obligations of its customers to KCWA in the KCWA operation of providing public water service.
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Part I: General information of KCWA
Part II: Rules, Policies and Procedures
Part III: Construction
Part IV: Materials
Part V: Service Backflow Prevention/ Cross Connections
Part VI: Glossary
Appendix A: Application Requests & Forms
Appendix B: Standard Details
Appendix C: Customer Water Service Disinfection Policy
Appendix D: Exemptions from Water Protection Surcharges
Appendix E: Cross-Connection Control Program
Appendix F: Procurement Procedures of KCWA
Appendix G: Drought Management Policy
Appendix H: Large Meter Testing and Repair Guidelines
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