Active Projects & Programs

Below you will find a summary of the active projects and programs for the Kent County Water Authority.

Meter Replacement Program 

June 2019 through Sept 2021

Kent County Water Authority is continuing the meter replacement program for new remote reading water meters and remote reading endpoints. This program will continue over the next several months. The installation work is being done by a private contractor, Thielsch Engineering/WMS. Only meters sized less than or equal to 2-inches are being replaced under this program. If your property has had a new meter installed within the last four years, the contractor will not be contacting you. If your property has a meter sized three inches or above, or is a large compound meter, you will only be receiving a remote reading device if your meter is compatible. In the coming months you will receive a notice asking that you contact them to schedule an appointment for installation if you meet the criteria as described above. You will also be able to schedule appointments on-line. All appointments will be scheduled between 8:00 A.M. and 4:00 P.M., Monday through Friday. There will be no direct charge to the customer for the installation of your meter as the current rate tariff has provided the funding.  We look forward to providing our customers with the latest meter reading technology which will allow the authority to move to monthly billing. We have updated our safety precautions and sanitation protocols for the installation program.  Please visit the FAQ site below for more information on additional safety and sanitary procedures.

Information Sheet on Radio Frequency Emissions

Information Sheet on Health Effects of RF Meter Systems

FAQ Sheet on Sanitation Precautions from WMS


Neptune T-10 Meter Product Sheet

Neptune ProCoder Information Sheet

Neptune ProCoder Quick Install Guide

AWWA Meter Test Requirements

Neptune Summary of Certified Test Procedures

Sample of a Meter Test Tag

Waste Per Quarter at 60 PSI Water Pressure

Certified Meter Accuracy Test Results Lookup

Instructions for Finding the Certified Test Results of Your Meter




Kent County Water Authority will be installing new remote reading water meters and remote reading endpoints over the next two years. Click the Meter Change Out Program link to learn more.
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