Meter Accuracy Test
How to easily determine the accuracy of your meter
A simple test to check your meter for accuracy is with a five-gallon bucket. First, make sure no water is running and take an initial meter reading, as discussed above. Second, fill up the five-gallon bucket in your tub or anywhere that can accommodate the height of the bucket. Lastly, take a final reading from the meter and subtract it from the initial reading. Five gallons of water should equal 0.66 cubic feet.

Please note that a five-gallon bucket holds a little more than 5 gallons.

If you want to get a little more precision, you can mark out exactly five gallons in your bucket using a measuring cup. (16 cups = 1 Gallon)

Another way to get exactly 5 gallons is to use a bathroom scale.
1 gallon = 8.34 pounds, 5 gallons = 41.7 pounds plus the weight of the empty bucket so weight the bucket first then add 41.7lbs to that value.

As a valued customer, KCWA hopes that this simple test can provide a level of comfort in the accuracy of your meter. KCWA is required to ensure that meters are factory certified to the following AWWA standards for accuracy before installation.
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